ECO2Clouds Partners

ATOS is Project Coordinator and is actively involved in ECO2Clouds Scientific and Technical Coordination. ATOS has been managing several large projects, many of them on Cloud development, including IPs such as BEinGRID, SOA4ALL, TRUSTCOM, ELEGI, ORCHESTRA, BonFIRE, OPTIMIS).

University of Manchester (UNIMAN) is Scientific and Technical Manager and leader of the activities concerning
service discovery, deployment, optimization and adaptation. UNIMAN research focuses on
Deployment Optimisation and Adaptation Algorithms aiming to develop energy-aware
application deployment modes for federated Clouds.

University of Edinburgh (UEDIN) works on Requirements and Overall Architecture. UEDIN is involved as Scientific and Technology Manager of BonFIRE and his involvement in ECO2Clouds ensures that the architectures of the two projects develop in harmony and that the results of ECO2Clouds are relevant to BonFIRE. UEDIN  also contributes  to Energy Metrics, Monitoring and Application Characterisation.

Politecnico di Milano (POLIMI) studies requirements for federated clouds, deriving parameters for energy analysis with multilevel (from infrastructural to application) Green Performance Indicators. Applications annotated with Green Performance Indicators can become adaptable to the cloud where they are executed. POLIMI provides expertise in adaptive service engineering and on active energy management in data centers in the GAMES EU project.

INRIA builds on its experience of operating Grid’5000 and BonFIRE and is responsible
for coordinating all operational aspects for successful deployment and experimentation. This
implies provisioning all necessary hardware, coordinating deployment between the involved
BonFIRE testbeds, implementing a continuous integration platform, and running system tests
and platform health monitoring as well a bug triaging and trouble ticketing.

The High Performance Computing Centre (HLRS), a research and service institution affiliated to the University of Stuttgart (USTUTT),  contributes with its broad expertise in monitoring and analysing complex IT infrastructures, in particular with respect to operating these environments in an energy-efficient way. In addition, USTUTT also contributes its facility from the BonFIRE and the GAMES project and complements its infrastructure role with relevant case studies to ECO2Clouds.

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The consortium

  • ATOS SPAIN SA - E (coordinator)
  • University of Manchester - UK.
  • University of Edinburgh - UK
  • Universität Stuttgart - D
  • Politecnico di Milano - I
  • INRIA - F