ECO2Clouds Gardens (Testbeds)

The project relies on the use of existing cloud facilities with some dedicated servers provided by the FP7 BonFIRE to develop and test innovative ways for improving energy efficiency and minimizing CO2 emissions in a federated cloud environment.

In particular, ECO2Clouds uses three sites of the BonFIRE infrastructure: USTUTT-HLRS Data Center, EPCC Data Center and Inria Data Center. Note that the distribution of the sites on different countries is extremely important for the minimization of CO2 emissions for which it is necessary to consider the greenness of the energy sources used by the nation in which the site is located.

Our gardens:

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The consortium

  • ATOS SPAIN SA - E (coordinator)
  • University of Manchester - UK.
  • University of Edinburgh - UK
  • Universität Stuttgart - D
  • Politecnico di Milano - I
  • INRIA - F