Cloud Federation Monitoring for an Improved Eco-Efficiency

by Axel Tenschert, Michael Gienger, High Performance Computing Center, Stuttgart, Germany

Abstract: This work presents a monitoring infrastructure enabling an eco-efficient utilization of cloud federations taking into account physical computing nodes, virtual machines and power distribution units to measure the used energy. The developments include the Zabbix monitoring framework and user defined metrics being new implementations integrated into Zabbix.
The physical, virtual and energy related layers are monitored at each cloud provider’s domain. Through the involvement of the three layers, the energy consumption can be calculated for the physical nodes and the hosted virtual machines for providing a scheduler with energy related information. The presented work shows a suitable monitoring infrastructure for eco-efficient cloud federations and metrics for measuring the used energy to reduce the energy consumption and the associated costs.

presented at

eChallenges 2013, Dublin, Ireland, October 2013

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The consortium

  • ATOS SPAIN SA - E (coordinator)
  • University of Manchester - UK.
  • University of Edinburgh - UK
  • Universität Stuttgart - D
  • Politecnico di Milano - I
  • INRIA - F