Energy-Aware Process Design Optimization

by Cinzia Cappiello, Pierluigi Plebani, and Monica Vitali

Cloud computing has a big impact on the environment since the energy consumption and the resulting CO2 emissions of data centers can be compared to the worldwide airlines traffic. Many researchers are addressing such issue by proposing methods and techniques to increase data center energy efficiency. Focusing at the application level, this paper proposes a method to support the process design by optimizing the configuration and deployment. In particular, measuring and monitoring suitable metrics, the presented approach provides a support to the designer to select the way in which it is possible to modify the process deployment in order to continuously guarantee good performance and energy efficiency. The process adaptation can be required when inefficiencies occur or when, although the system is efficient, there is still room for improvements.

presented at
EuroEcoDC Workshop, Karlsruhe, September 2013

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