Managing the complex data center environment: an Integrated Energy-aware Framework

by Alexandre Mello Ferreira and Barbara Pernici, Politecnico di Milano, Italy


The problem of Information Technology energy consumption has gained much attention due to the always increasing use of IT both for business and for personal reasons. In particular, data centers are now playing a much more important role in the modern society, where the information is available all the time and everywhere. In this context, the aim of this paper is to study energy efficiency issues within data centers from the Information System perspective. The proposed approach integrates the application and infrastructure capabilities, in which the enactment of adaptation mechanisms is aligned with the business process. Based on both energy and quality dimensions of service-based applications, a model-based approach supports the formulation of new constrained optimization problem that takes into consideration over-constrained solutions where the goal is to obtain the better tradeoff between energy and quality requirements. These ideas are combined within a framework where time-based analysis allow the identification of potential system threats and drive the selection of adaptation actions improving overall energy and quality requirements, represented by indicators satisfaction. In addition, the framework includes an evolution mechanism that is able to evaluate past decisions feedback in order to adjust the model according to the current underlying environment. Finally, he benefits of the approach are analyzed in an experimental setting.


Environmental Impact of Applications, Complex events, adaptation actions


published on 

Computing, special issue on Contributions of Computational Intelligence in Designing Complex Information Systems, June 2014



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